Words have their own sounds, rhythms, colors, and feelings that fascinate me. When I’m sitting at the piano or with my guitar and a quick burst of emotion forms a melody, it’s not long before words begin to weave their way into the fabric of sound. Usually a phrase will form, an insistent string of words to tell me what the song wants to be about. The character or characters, the situation, and the emotions they’re feeling reveal themselves and off I go. I never get tired of this process. These songs are from my heart and I can only hope they will find a place in yours as well. Don’t despair, love is coming!
— Daniel Conley

Music and Art

Music: Welcome to my recorded songs and lyrics. I’ve been writing songs my entire adult life and am currently engaged in a constant process of recording. As individual songs are mixed and mastered, I will post them here. Let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy them.  

Digital paintings. I began making visual art  in January of 2016. I’ve always considered myself to be one of those people who “cannot draw.” But I drifted into some iPad apps and started fooling around and became a bit obsessed. If I had to rely on three dimensional materials I don’t think I could do much because my process consists of 99% erasing. I have no desire to draw anything real, or anything at all for that matter until I start looking at the blobs and blotches I’m making and a desire to shape them takes over.