Myth of Me

Standing there by the temple she held
A golden lyre in her arms
A magisterial muse with carved marbley charms
I was a lonely contestant in town for a laurel wreath 
I looked at her and I knew I was born a thief

I saw the temple sway
The groaning columns were giving way
People ran and some began to pray 
In the blazing sun
Wasn’t long before the temple fell
Soon enough it was a scene from hell  
I caught her look and I gave a yell
“We gotta go let's run”  

A horse a cart and a driver came by and we were on our way 
Riding through the confusion of that fateful day
Straight out to the country we drove to a noble's retreat 
I sold him that statue and me and sat myself at her feet

And now everyday
I’m making myths the old fashioned way
Stealing stories trying to make them pay 
She’s always by my side
If not for her I’d be a nowhere man
Instead I’ve now become the man I am
Pumping them out as fast as I can
I hope you’ll pardon my pride