Stay Low

Lying on a lawn nothing going on
The silver sun reaching across the sky
Blood is on the boil oligarchy oil
Greasing the wings of the things that fly

Secrets are swarming in the street with their heavy loads
Chemical frogs are mating with mechanical toads
In the wind and the rain fly pieces of the broken code

Saying stay low, stay low,  stay low oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

In and out of days, scattering of days
Where geography makes and unmakes itself
Darkness down the street heavy stomping feet
As history tries to unwrite itself

And the night like a mean drunk stumbles down the break of day
Kicking the daylight out in anything left in it’s way
And the morning calls time to run into the trees and play

But we’ve got to stay low, stay low, stay low oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

I know you want to stay high
And baby so do I / we both know why
Just gotta be a little stronger, wait a little longer
Longer stronger longer stronger

Stay low, stay low, stay low oh oh oh oh oh oh oh