I Still Believe in Now

You want to take us back to some imagined 
Yesterday that never was tomorrow is what matters now  
You don’t really have a thing to say
But still you go and say it you just go and say it anyhow 

But all your little words signify nothing
Nothing you can do is going to keep us down
And every strong thing I was ever taught to believe in
I still believe in now

You just want to spray your wave of hate 
But we won’t let you because love is truly all we’ve got
You offer up the night but we’ll take the day
And in the end we’ll find out who is who and what is what 

All your little words . . . 

Who can ignore your sound and your fury 
As you signify all the nothingness some seek
While we poor players sitting on this jury
Hear your idiots tale and watch your shadow creep

All the stories of the heroes who brought us here
Don’t mean a thing to you how could they really nothing does
Because of you it feels as if the end is near
You wan’t to lead us back into a world that never was 

All your little words . . . .