The Rain Is Rising

Bent Bennie he took to bed, he wasn’t dead yet
But he felt a wicked little something take a bite of his mind
The sidewinder inside his head got fed 
And it didn’t take but a little time for the thing to unwind
Benny kicked sat up straight
Snake said “Benny you’re about to be late” 
Benny cried out and said “it just ain’t fair
Me dying here in my dirty underwear
I can hear you laughing at me
You think it’s funny that it’s my destiny
To go down in my prime”

The rain is rising up from the ground 
The rain is rising all over town
The rain is rising, it’s rising hush baby don’t make a sound

Will the Pill and his uncle Biff both stiff
Staring down on them ants in pants in that twinkling town
Drunk uncle begins to riff, spits on his hands and says
“Look at them fools” as he rubs them hands around
See them there in the changing light
Have they ever known day from night?
Have they ever read any history?
Are they too numb to feel and too blind to see
Unaware they’re about to be caught
Gonna be swallowed up on the spot
Or maybe they’ll drown

The rain is rising up to the sky
The rain is rising come see it fly
The rain is rising hush baby now baby don’t cry

You can’t keep me down / you can’t keep me down
You can’t keep me down / you can’t keep me down

The rain is rising rising rising