See Your Face and Fall

I was running from a busted love and so were you
On the day that we came into each other's view
And by some seeming blast of magic soon found ourselves crazy in love

And that was the beginning of all that's occurred
The melodies made, the maladies cured
The sickness of the soul giving way to the touch of a soulful friend
Sometimes I close my eyes and see things that might've been
Sometimes I see your face and I fall in love again

When the one you love and you have shared your billionth breath
There is no way to explain it, it's like birth or death
It's been celebration crisis sorrow pleasure trading places with pain

Everybody’s got reasons they could second-guess
Maybe you go to make it big and only make a big mess
Or try to fix something you broke but you don’t know where to begin
I've made more than one mess and I've broken more than one thing
Sometimes I see your face and I fall in love again

Every couple could write a dark couplet
Every marriage has various lives
As for you and me baby don’t you agree we’ve put some battles into the annals
Of husbands and wives . . .

Don't want to add to the confusions that already exist
I want to make an explanation that you can't resist
But love’s such a conundrum and defining it an ancient game

And time has gotta be the greatest mystery
That they even found a name for it amazes me
But only love and time together could have carried me to where I am
Standing here with this suitcase in my hand
Sometimes I see your face and I fall in love again